About Us

We build an organization to help people to learn online.

We build an organization to help people to learn online.

Who we are? 

Valingo is an online language platform that aims to offer exceptional value in language learning through the world’s top-rated and tested professional teachers. Valingo connects language learners from across Africa with language teachers qualified for private live video chat sessions.

How does Valingo work? 

Valingo works in a few small steps, which you will find below:

1) Browse the teachers

Explore our wide selection of experienced teachers and find the best according to your criteria. You have the opportunity to visit the profile of our teachers as well as their availability and their introductory video, before making your choice. Each teacher’s profile includes

2) Book your teacher

Book your class with your teacher now, by clicking on the ''Book Now''. You will be prompted to enter your login information in order to continue booking.  
Note: If you do not yet have a Valingo account, please register by clicking on the "Register" button at the bottom of the login window. After you have logged in, please select the language to learn, the duration of the course, set your number of courses ordered, and finally choose your payment method among the many methods offered and confirm payment. 

3) Programmez vos cours


Welcome to Valingo. You can now schedule your lessons according to your and your teacher’s availability. After validating your order, click on "Go to Dashboard".  
Note:  You can also go to your dashboard by clicking on your profile icon at the top right corner of your screen, and choosing ''Dashboard''.
To schedule your first class, click the 'View All Lessons' or 'Lessons' button on the left sidebar of your dashboard. Then click on 'Plan a lesson'. Select an available time slot from your teacher and confirm your programming.  

4) Start your class


Finally, the last step, according to your programming booking, you could therefore start your language learning session live with your teacher. Once the time set arrives, please enter your virtual classroom, choose a mode of communication with the teacher, (in agreement with it); Either by the browser of your device, or by the external application Zoom Meeting. Once the teacher is connected to the same communication medium, you could start your class.