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How to register on Valingo ?

How to register ?

  • Click on the sign up button
  • Enter your information (first name, last name, email and password)
  • Accept the terms and conditions of use, then validate the registration by clicking on save
  • Validate your registration by clicking on the link sent to your mailbox and it's done.

How to Login on Valingo ?

How to login?

- Click on the login button
- Enter your information (email and password)
- Clicking on Login to log in

You can also follow this short tutorial for mobile users:

How to Buy and Schedule a Lesson ?

  1. After logging in, click on "Find a teacher".
  2. Select the teacher you want
  3. Check its availability. If available, select the red "Book Now" button.
  4. Select the language you need if it teaches more than one language. Then select the number of lessons you need. Then select "Confirm payment".
  5. Then you will be redirected to the payment screen. You pay with a credit on your wallet or by PayPal or select "Pay by Visa / MasterCard / American Express".
  6. After making your payment, you will be taken to the screen to schedule a lesson.
  7. Click on the black button "Access my lessons".
  8. On the Classes page, please click on the clock icon to schedule the class and set a date with your teacher.
Check availability of teachers first before booking as they may or may not be available.

How to Attend my first Lesson ?

To enter the digital classroom on the day of your lesson, we recommend that you first install the Zoom application.

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Select "Lessons" on the left side or view your lessons in the center of the dashboard.
  3. The course to be completed is displayed in the red block at the top of your dashboard.
  4. Click on the "Enter the class" button in the block
  5. Then click on "Join class by app" (once the countdown reaches all zeros).


You can only enter once the teacher is present; if not you will get a screen that reads: waiting for the tutor to join. 

How to Reschedule or Cancel a Lesson ?


Your reserved lesson is very important to us, and it is reserved especially for you. We realize that many things can happen in people's daily lives.
Although really friendly, when students cancel without giving enough notice, they prevent another student to be able to book. In fairness to all students and faculty, this policy is in effect regardless of the reason for cancellation.

Valingo has a 24 hour minimum cancellation / reschedule policy. If an appointment is 10 minutes late, missed, canceled or changed with less than 24 hours notice, the student will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the service fee.

Reminder message

You will receive an alert on your Dashboard and an email to remind you of your booked appointment before the start time. It is also your responsibility to remember the dates and times of your appointments to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and cancellation fees.

How do I reschedule / cancel?
  1. To reschedule or cancel your lesson, you will need to log in to the dashboard
  2. Click on "Lessons".
  3. Then you'll select the counter-clockwise arrow icon to reschedule the lesson, and the X to cancel the lesson.

The scheduled lesson icons (shown from left to right)

The pointing arrow icon in the rectangle is how you enter the course
The anti-clockwise arrow allows you to reschedule the lesson
The X is for cancel the lesson

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